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It was KC
Ace, Deezy, Bo
89 box Chevy
Riding to the corner store
Ratio of straps
Count 4 to 4
Deezy had zanbars
Ace had a whole O
KC tags expired
So he Riding real slow
KC had a plan
He was tired of being broke
KC gun don't jam
Got bodies galore
So when KC say it
Everybody gon go
He heard about some bricks stashed in the 6
And now the perfect time to hit the lick
He knew that all the shit belonged to Rick
The bangas loaded ready for the risk
And he heard that Rick vacating with his bitch
So they pulled up quiet
Guns on silent
Mask on tightly
Caught 2 bodies
One round back
Other one on the side
They got the stash and hopped back in the whip
About 200,000 worth of bricks
Another 100,000 dollars cash
They ditched the whip
And went back to the pad
KC got the bricks off through his dad
From then on
KC knew he was the man
Bout a month passed
Rick doing bad
He done lost it all
Man gone mad

He been on the lurk
Hoping that he find the fuckin culprit
Open case
But it was time to close it
Rick had a bitch
And she was so outspoken
Vindictive,  ruthless
Name Rochelle
But Rick call her Judy
And Judy was ready to ride for Rick
Judy'll jam a nigga to die for Rick
A week earlier Rick got a tip
Young boy out the yo
He drive a BM dub M4
The bitch brand new
Recently accrued
And the niggas in his crew stuntin too
Rick knew what he had to do
Find them dudes and truth
Get his revenue
Got murder on his mind
As the tension grew
Gotta do this shit right
Can't afford to lose

KC got comfy
Making money
Flipped the lick
His paper runny
Bitches used to call him bummy
Na he dippin hoes in honey
Eating good and fuckin right
Dressing nice
I'm the limelight
Super Sunday
Couldn't wait to go stunt
New M4
Couldn't wait to pull up
KC and his niggas pulled up on Claiborne
And St Bernard across from Cajuns
Firearm on his waste
Diamonds all in his charm
Looking like the man
All the hoes staring hard
But Judy staring at em like she Umma
And he was Bill
Time to seduce him
She walked over
Real thick and juicy
Short shorts
With the loosey booty

Hi my name is Lucy
Nice to meet ya
Saw you pull up in the black beamer
I like ya style
Feeling all your features
Take my number
Got some things I want teach ya
Then Judy smiled and walked off
Left KC with his dick hard
All caught up in his thoughts
Swimming in shorty like a lifeguard

End of the night
Niggas parting ways
Bo and Ace was tryna go to spades
KC was going see shorty from today
He told his nigga Bo where she stay
Bo said strap up nigga be safe
Bo aint know it was too late
KC ain't know he was gon meet his fate
His come up was bout to deteriorate
He pulled up round Lucy spot
Called her phone
But the call dropped
St. Phillip street in the 6th ward
Called her phone again
And the call was blocked
Then KC heard gunshots
Rick put 6 shots in his car
Two in his head
The others in his heart
KC was dead by the 3rd one
That wasn't even Judy real spot
Judy lied to get his head knocked
Judy stayed in the 7th ward
About a bloc away from Deezy house
And Deezy knew her as Rochelle
Cold as a gallon of blue bell
Round the hood
A real gazelle
He used to hit her friend Michelle

Deezy was home all day with his baby
Deezy aint know KC met the lady
Deezy aint know KC was dead
Bo pulled up
Found his head widespread
Called up Deezy
Explained the chick
Deezy said I think I know that bitch
Her name aint Lucy
But they call her Judy
And Judy thick ass was real slick
Deezy loaded up the whole clip
Slipped round back of Judy house
Crept through the back door
Looking round
Rick had Judy screaming loud
Neither one of them heard a sound
Deezy kicked the whole door down
Then he emptied out the whole round
Left both if they ass profound

Deezy got busted
People talking who shouldn't be trusted
Month later
Deezy got arrested
Can't you see this whole cycle corrupted
Aint gon neva find justice
Niggas whole lifes obstructed
Now Deezy name just some numbers
Deezy did the shit for his brother
Now Deezy son lost his father
Another single black mother
Now Deezy son lost his father
Another single black mother