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Truth (feat. ItsMe WANTED)

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Produced by Nyck and Tane Runo


Yall done normalized being fake
So when a bitch speak on real
Yall call it hate
I don't have time to debate
My cousin got more then eight
He tryna get the appeal
It's gon take like two years
Build the case
Try to break em a deal
Daughter getting bigger
Daddy growing wiser
Locked inside his brain
Inside that cage
His veins pumping louder
That solitary shit insane
But we was born survivors
No time for liars
Telling stories by them open fires
I got a open Bible
I'm tryna decrypt it
To touch your soul
With all these lyrics
Was the intention
I'm tryna reach God
See if I can make a visit
I know I'm not done
I just miss all my niggas

كنا صغارًا لدرجة أننا فقدنا الاهتمام بتكرار نفس الأشياء لأنني أعرف أنني الأفضل
تركت بعض الذكريات في الصويرة في طريقي
لدي نفس المشاكل في رأسي وأنتظر استراحة
هذه الأشياء سهلة
أعلم أنني آكل المطربين بعناد لأنني جائع
أحب الجلوس مع شخص يكذب وأنا أعلم أنه أمر ممتع
سأنهي بالضبط مسيرة أي شخص يقف أمامي
مزاجي غير مقيد فلا تتعب معي
سوف تحرقك شمسي
حتى الذباب هنا لن يهرب

كل يوم أستقبل المزيد من الدراما لأنني أحبها وقلمي في يدي اليمنى. ي د

أقسم أني سوف أتطرق إلى السماء


We were so young that we lost interest in repeating the same things because I know I am the best
I left some memories in Essaouira on my way
I have the same problems in my head and I'm waiting for a break
These things are easy
I know I eat singers stubbornly because I'm hungry
I love sitting with someone who lies and I know it's fun
I will finish exactly the march of anyone standing in front of me
My mood is not restricted, so do not tire with me
My sun will burn you
Even the flies here won't escape

Every day I take in more drama because I love it and my pen is in my right hand. J d

I swear I will touch the sky