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Interlude by Byron S Cole
Produced by DaddySlo


I remember playing spyro
With Chuck
On paul Morphy  street at late nights
Went to the zoo
We saw that great white
Tigerblood snowball
On the lake life
We tryna skate
City days
Park and take flight
This sound like
The bass bumping out the cheverolet
2nd Line
Buck jumping out a escalade
Watch the rize
Niggas crumping
Tryna catch a break
Dancing on mirrors
Polaroid pictures
For memories

Remember what they taught
Don't be so quick to take a offer
On a rampage
Rice with them eggs
From my grandmother
Learned alot
Now I give orders
Navigate smarter
Seen alot
Been through more
Shit don't stop
I'm Butterscotch
At mawmaw house
In the Christmas cookies box

Old Skool
Rolling windows down
With circular moves
Cheat code in
One more circle
In that square
I done Xed out your dude

We don't follow those rules
Made our own way
Do it How we want to
Get it when we want get it
That's how it is
with the spoiled children
Too smart to fall victim

WB watching Marge Simpson
Homer and Bart
About to brawl
While Maggie in the hall chillin
Judge Judy said
This my court
Don't yall start trippin
Don't slip and say the wrong sentence
Get a long sentence
I know alot of strong niggas
With a false sentence
Spending their life
In prison
This a rigged system
They got paid killers
Slavery still existing
Slang Crack
Like free turkeys
on Thanksgiving
And niggas still hate niggas
Need to let go of that
United States of slave niggas
Realize we greater
Than that same picture
I gotta make a change
Melanin avenger
Vividly remember
The chicken from looney tunes
Say wait one cotton picking minute
I'll never forget it
I never did trust the television
Too many white devils
Tryna to cloud my vision
Hardhead business