1. Deviation

From the recording the.Transition

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Produced by DaddySlo


I'm just saying like
I don't really want company tonight
You should really go home
Leave me the fuck alone
For one second
Learn to live separate
Everybody leave anyway
Hard to stay
When I'm on a chase
I been tryna keep my own space
You always clockin
Get your own space
Hard to laugh when you the one laced
Too many toxins
I'm solo driving
In a big body
Look like I prolly
Be soccer mom'n
When really I'm just
Smoking on a fat doobie stick
Doing shit exuberant
Not tryna be rude and shit
But I don't really like people
Ain't tryna be bothered
Gotta mediate to be round people
And I'm not saying you people
But you do have the features
I ain't never gon fuckin leave ya
But right now I'm tryna fuck n leave ya
I'm just a avid reader
Mom's made me avid leader
The front door where I'm tryna lead ya
Get you bag and put on your sneakers
I'll call you when I want see ya
But right na I need my peace
Right na I want my sheets for me
Might see you when I dream
Don't live so cheekily
Baby you gon see me again
Don't feel or pretend
It's just business
You know that
Dismiss trippin
I'll call back
And when you come
I throw back
I leave
You act like Kojak
I don't kno where you got that
I hope you go return that
That pussy is shit annoying
I hate when you keep calling
I never get on that stalking shit
You in a mood
I skydive fall back
Guess it must be the sag in me
Deleting people casually
On the go with all my moves
Ain't looking at who after me
Forward steps
To backward beats
I rip this bitch like Cujo
You kno
My clock say time that you go

Where the hell you goin
Damn Bae I was just playing
Well I was in a bad mood
But right na
I'm tryna dance for you
Don't push my hand from you
All the shit you push me through
It's shocking that I stand for you
Stand in front the TV
Hold this hand
That foot on the edge
Fuck that shit I said
That was earlier
I'm tryna discover your
Full potential growth
I'll tell you where to go
Hold me by my throat
I just scream for more
You shooting like a tank
I sing
Please don't go
See you soul
Really love me
Can't not fuck me
Just stop frontin
Come into this room
And get all this loving
I love you for you
For me
And how you coming
I ain't really trippin
I just thought you said something
Fuck the discussion
Save it for morning
I'm making breakfast too
After you
Sex me rather sexual
Freaky shit I planned to do
Before I got mad
Is now back
As my main priority
The whore in me
Pop out just for you
Cordially disorderly
Fucked up your covers
Soiled the sheets
No avoiding me
Baby get the toy for me
Bullet buzzing
While you penetrating
I always hate that talking
On the stomach be that kill
Whispers of freak nothings
Don't ever take your lovin

I mean I really was just playing