1. NWO

From the recording Trap Beats Soul Music

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Been sitting so quietly
Thinking bout ways to escape
Thinking bout all my lil niggas
Who lives got erased
What if it was me
In their place
In this world
I know nobody's safe
Making plays
Paved moves
Clear paths
For my youngins to follow the way
They following waves
Running away from themselves
Like there's a prize to be fake
It's just a high price to be fake
Losing your morals
And body decays
You should probably change
But you the only one to call it
Your option is vague
I don't seen
So many lies
I must say
I can't believe
My own eyes
In this new world
is extinct
Filled with so much confusion
So many new laws
Same drugs still abusing
Them black households
Daddy locked up
Had rock on em
Momma strung out
Got rock in her
Daddy been gon for 9 summers
Momma been missing since September
The babies got forced in the system
This shit been fucked up
That's a fact
Been fucked up
If you black
We gon rize up
Get detached
From all this dumb shit
Holding back
Future black doctors
Black lawyers
Screaming free the children
Free the Fathers
We need human contact

I ain't never made time for a racist
My ancestors know
They ain't worth my patience
Making fake rules
To control my paper
Watching our moves
On a day to day basis
Making us choose
Between fake and faker
Damn this shit
can't be real
Wait bruh

I don't know
How much more
We gon take bruh

And fuck it I'm willing to die
If that's what it take
To get my young niggas to stay up
Keep em away from
False leaders
And all that self hatred
The music that make us
Grab that K and
shoot at thy neighbor
From the music that tell us
Our pussy is our only way to
From the shows that tell us
Keep him happy
For self elation
The manipulation
Keep defacing
And entire nation
Mental abrasions
Black enslavement
Federal bureau of investigation
Picking brothers up
Mother's crying
Babies Just searching
For navigation
We tired of waiting
We want some answers
We need vacations
New landlords
And new foundation
Our time is sacred
We are the ancients
We are the Pharoahs
We need our payments
We are the heros
Percentage of the truth
They give us
I been here before
I know the lies disguised
I lay truth to instrumentals