1. Can You Love

From the recording Trap Beats Soul Music

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Can You Love

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Do you know how to love
Come rub my feet
Help me unwind
After my week
Hold me while I sleep
Listen when I speak
Look me in my eyes
When we reach that peak
Be inclined in me
Confide to me
When it's storming out
Just lay inside with me
You can be my muse
I can be your freak
We can play all type of games
Make you breakfast 12 A.M
Warm and sweet
Bae come eat
Listening to Donell
Right where we wanna be
Spend a night in a hotel
Shoot a movie scene
I'm just tryna see your subconscious
Maybe me and you can coincide
Combine and go Conquer
Leave our egos and save the pride
My love line up your Chakras
Let's hop in the whip and take a ride
To love me is a honor
Don't land on the wrong side

I know
That you
Good at
Tell me
Can you
Love me
You act
When you
You a
Dick head
When you
When you
See me thuggin
Crave me
And not
Tell me
Can you
Love me
Tell me
Can you
Love me

Boy you Phony
And you know it
All my time occupied
I'm focused
Legs too closed
And my mind wide open
You ain't getting no swirls
Or strokens
Talk to me baby
Tell me where you want go when
You get old
Forceful growing
Choosing too much
To know that you chosen
The love I give golden

I seen love             
Times before         
One of life's
Greatest wars
Verses whores
Which one you
Fighting for

I seen love            (I know)
Times before        (That you)
One of life's         (Good at)
Greatest wars      (Fuckin)
Loyalty                  (Tell me)
Verses whores       (Can you)
Which one you      (Really)
Fighting for         (Love me)
                               (You act)
                               (When you)
                               (You a)
                               (Dick head)
                               (When you)
                               (When you)
                               (See me)
                               (Crave me)
                               (And not)
                               (Tell me)
                               (Can you)
                               (Love me)
                               (Tell me)
                               (Can you)
                               (Love me)